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Birth Doula Services

Megan Hoche, CD-L
Based in New Jersey

I have been fascinated with birth from a young age, but it was the support I received from my fertility doula that initially inspired me to pursue this career. Then the care I received from my own birth doula showed me what true support looks like and how crucial this can be during such a transformational time. Now, as a certified Birth Doula I am passionate about providing birth support for families and births of all kinds, through an individualized, compassionate, and non-judgmental approach. (Instagram: @newdaydoula)

Support Offerings:

Birth Doula Support

Childbirth Education

Placenta Encapsulation


Education and Trainings:

Placenta Preparation Course (Women's Choice Perinatal Services)- April 2024

New Jersey Food Handler Training (State Food Safety)- April 2024

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens for Placenta Encapsulation Professionals (Biologix)- April 2024

TENS for Labor Training Course (Austin Childbirth Courses)- April 2024

Labor Doula Certification (Birth Arts International)- November 2021-present (certification pending)

Labor Doula Cross-Certification (ProDoula)- December 2023

Feed the Peds (Pediatric Feeding Specialization Course for SLPs)- November 2023

I currently support births in central New Jersey and several Pennsylvania locations. I provide services (labor support/childbirth education/placenta encapsulation) privately, and also through Compassionate Beginnings Doula & Birth Services


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