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full-length play, family drama


opportunities for older actors, female actors

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When Kira - a newly-single and struggling entrepreneur - finds out she is pregnant, she seeks support from her mother and sister, who bring with them their own birth-related baggage. As Kira prepares to bring new life into this world, she begins to question and examine her lineage, uncovering information that will change her family dynamic forever. Meanwhile, a parallel story unfolds as we see a woman journey through her own milestones across a lifespan. With each season of her life she finds herself rediscovering her own version of womanhood. Within both stories is a celebration of female empowerment, motherhood, sisterhood, and the women who lift us up.


  • O'Neill National Playwrights Conference semi-finalist, 2019

  • Playwrights Foundation/Bay Area Playwrights Festival semi-finalist, 2019

  • world premiere in NYC with The Shrill Collective, 2019

  • published in March 2021 by Next Stage Press


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