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Speech and Voice Coach


I have experience providing services for both children and adults, across a wide variety of settings. I currently provide in-home and/or virtual sessions.


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Pediatric Services

I am trained in pediatric feeding and tethered oral tissues, and have experience working with children with multiple disabilities and autism. Currently offering in-home and/or virtual evaluations and treatment sessions.



Adult Services

I also provide virtual sessions for adults, specializing in accent modificationvoice, and presentation skills.


Megan is an amazing speech teacher.  My experience with her class can only be described as transformative.  My early goal for taking her lesson was to improve my pronunciation.  Little did I know that the effect of these lessons went far beyond.  Not only did I learn where my pronunciations went wrong, but also, I became a better listener.  Megan is gifted with an acute sense of hearing that can detect any variations of sounds and is able to adjust my pronunciation by pinpointing the exact positions of the tongue and mouth.  I “acquired” many pronunciations that were unknown to me (which I thought I knew).  After working with Megan for a few months, I found myself not only speak more clearly but also understand so much better from my daily conversations to Broadway musicals!  It’s not an exaggeration that my life has changed thanks to Megan. 

-Shiwei, Tax Attorney, NYC

I just wanted to say that I’m very happy with Megan’s accent reduction training - I think she is fantastic - absolutely precise and clear in her explanations. Her knowledge about speech and language in general seems to be immense. I’ve encountered quite a few accent reduction coaches in New York, and  she really stands out to me.

-Toni, Actor/Musician/Poet, NYC


I took classes with Megan at AccentsOff to work on some pronunciation issues in my speech. She was able to tailor her teaching methods to my specific needs and to my preference for a very analytical approach to learning. Megan has a great ear for correctly identifying the problems and providing the concrete phonological rules that I need to apply to correct them. I highly recommend her.

-Georg, Investment Analyst, NYC

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